Gharb Niroo Consulting Engineers Company was founded in 1991 to provide design, engineering, consultancy and supervisory services to electric power industry.

With the idea of active cooperation to resolve the needs of industry, the company tried to do its best by using experienced experts.
So, the company has provided different services in the fields of thermal power plants, engineering and supervision of transmission and subtransmission lines and substations projects, engineering and supervision of distribution networks design, operation and optimization projects over 20 years.

On the other hand, the trend of the country socio-economic growth involves the development of electric power industry. So, all the industry stakeholders must have an effective role in this development and Gharb Niroo Consulting Engineers Company prepares a development plan for its activities in this regard.

As providing high quality services in proper time is a must in the company, Gharb Niroo hopes to act more effectively than before, to take honor to tackle electric power industry and related industries needs.